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Our Mission

The Mission of Jill's Wish is to minimize the financial

hardships patients face while going through breast

cancer treatment so they can focus on recovery

Jill's Wish was founded by Jill and Bart Conley after a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis in her early 30s. She was propelled into the spotlight following a documentary about her journey, and she chose to use that notoriety to give back to people like herself. Sadly, Jill passed away from the disease in early February 2016, but her legacy and mission continues.


Our Mission

People always ask me if I am angry at God for giving me cancer. At first, I always answered honestly; I said "Yes."


Then I realized that God didn't give me cancer. Instead, He has given me the strength to get through this horrible disease.


I truly believe I am supposed to be a voice to help others out there are going through cancer or any kind of body issues that make us feel so insecure.  


I just want to be able to help as many families out there who are going through cancer, so they can focus on their recovery. The financial burden cancer brings is unbelievable, which is why I am so proud of Jill's Wish Foundation. 


I am so blessed to have such amazing board members and team for Jill's Wish. We all have become a family with the same purpose, and we all have the same thing that drives us. Compassion!


I know I will eventually die of cancer, but knowing I did everything in my power to help change lives definitely leaves me with such a fulfilled heart.


Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support; it means the world to me!


- Jill Brzezinski-Conley, written in early 2015

The Light that Shines

The Light that Shines

Get a Wish

Jill and Bart Conley experienced how earth-shattering a cancer diagnosis can be, and just how much havoc it can wreck on your finances. It doesn't matter what your circumstance was before cancer, what matters is you need help.


Jill's Wish offers grants of up to $1500 on a rolling basis to cover non-medical living expenses for those with newly-diagnosed or terminal breast cancer. The grant is for your housing expenses (rent or mortgage), utility bills and any car payments. We pay your bills directly to the housing lender, landlord, utility company and auto loan holder, so you don't have to worry. It is one more thing you can rest assured is taken care of while you spend time with friends and family and rest and recover.


Who Qualifies?

Those applying for a Jill’s Wish grant must satisfy the following requirements:


  • Be 18 years or older at the time of the application

  • Reside in one of the following areas

  1. Louisville, KY

  2. Southern, IN

  3. Central Kentucky

  4. Cincinnati, OH

  5. Michigan

  • Received a breast cancer diagnosis within 12 months from the time of application, or have terminal breast cancer

  • Have not received a grant from Jill’s Wish within the past calendar year from the time of application

  • Have not received the maximum of two grants in a five-year period from the time of application

Submitting an application does not GUARANTEE you will be awarded a financial grant from Jill’s Wish Foundation.  Final decisions on grant’s are at the discretion of the JWF Vetting committee and Board Members and are based on available funds at the time of the request.

You can find a full description regarding the qualifications here.

Get a Wish


Your donations help us provide financial assistance to those with breast cancer to help with everyday living expenses. We award grants in the amount of $1500 throughout the year and we pay directly to their billing companies or lenders, so you know your money is being well-spent.


We go through a rigorous vetting program to ensure the individuals who receive funding not only meet financial guidelines but desperately need our help. We want to make certain our donors know their generous giving is used swiftly and appropriately, maximizing each and every dollar.


Donations are not just money given directly to Jill's Wish. We also value donations of time. You can also volunteer for Jill's Wish and its events.


As always, every monetary donation qualifies as charitable giving under the U.S. Federal Tax Guidelines. We can provide the proper documentation for each donation. We accept donations through PayPal OR you may also send a check payable to Jill's Wish Foundation, Inc. to 1203 Gallant Fox Run Rd, Louisville, KY 40242.


And, if we haven't said it enough: You keep us going. We are eternally grateful for all you do for Jill's Wish and the people we serve.

Become a genie, help grant a wish.
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